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Evaluation of Quality of Life in Adult Patients after One Year Liver Transplantation in Argentinian Center

Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem Cervantes, José Gabriel Gasque, Rodrigo Antonio Beltrame, Magalí Chahdi Quiñonez, Emilio Gastón Mattera, Francisco Juan 2022-11-03T15:15:17Z 2022-11-03T15:15:17Z 2022-09
dc.description.abstract Trabajo presentado en 29 International Congress of the Transplantation Society. Buenos Aires, 10-14 de Septiembre de 2022. [RESUMEN] Introduction: The objective of liver transplant (LT) is not only to obtain long survival rate, but also to achieve an excellent quality of life (QOL). The purpose of our study is to assess the various aspects of QOL of receptors undergoing LT after 1 year of transplantation and to identify potential factors that might be associated with impaired QOL. Retrospective analysis including LT between 2013 to 2021. The Liver Disease Quality of Life questionnaire (LDQOL 1.0). 111 items distributed within 20 scales. Results: 89 patients (39 women and 50 men). The mean age was 52.5 years. On average, the patients had to wait 360 days before undergoing LT. The vast majority (93%) had moderate to severe liver disease: 46% Child-Pugh B and 47% Child-Pugh C. Hepatitis C virus (22.5%), alcohol (22.5%) and autoimmune cirrhosis (22.5%). The mean of scaling successes was 83,69%. The scales who scored higher means range from 89-90% were: Effects of liver disease; Stigma of liver disease; Role limitations physical; Role limitations emotional; Loneliness scales. Conclusion: Child-Pugh classification only was associated with impact on body pain, emotional well-being, memory, and stigma of liver disease scales (p < 0,05). Statistical significance was found between MELD score and energy/fatigue, emotional well-being, liver disease symptoms, effects of liver disease and hopelessness scales (p < 0,05). The results on QOL in LT recipients after 1 year are similar to the normal population, except for body pain, energy and emotional well-being scales which are reduced. es_AR
dc.language.iso en_US es_AR
dc.subject Transplante Hepático es_AR
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dc.subject Argentina es_AR
dc.title Evaluation of Quality of Life in Adult Patients after One Year Liver Transplantation in Argentinian Center es_AR
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