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Distal radial approach for neurointerventional diagnosis and therapy

Mostrar el registro sencillo del ítem Goland, Javier Domitrovic, Luis Doroszuk, Gustavo Garbugino, Silvia Ypa, Paula 2019-11-19T15:15:31Z 2019-11-19T15:15:31Z 2019
dc.identifier.uri 10.25259/SNI_410_2019
dc.description.abstract Background: The transradial approach results in fewer complications at the puncture site, lower hospital costs, and greater comfort for patients. The distal transradial approach (dTRA) adds some benefits over the conventional radial approach. The objective is to describe initial experience with distal radial approach technique and the results obtained for neuroendovascular diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Methods: Description of distal radial approach technique and obtained data from the first 3 months experience using this approach as the first choice for neuroendovascular procedures in two neuroendovascular centers. Results: Of the total of 94 procedures performed during 3 months, 67 were diagnostic and 27 were therapeutic. Eleven (16%) of the diagnostic procedures were performed through the dTRA. Of the 27 embolizations, eight (30%) were done using this approach. Every distal radial approach that was performed for diagnosis and therapeutics was successful. Conclusion: Puncture of the radial artery within the anatomical snuffbox is a radial approach variation option for diagnostic and therapeutic neuroendovascular procedures. Keywords: Approach, Distal radial, Neurointerventional es_AR
dc.language.iso es es_AR
dc.relation.ispartofseries Surgical Neurology International 2019 (10):211 es
dc.subject Técnicas de Diagnóstico Neurológico es_AR
dc.subject Punción Espinal es_AR
dc.title Distal radial approach for neurointerventional diagnosis and therapy es_AR
dc.type Article es_AR

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